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Your Hope Starts Here


Are you ready for your life to change?

For your community to get stronger?

For your faith to grow?

No matter where you are at in life, no matter how broken you may feel, or maybe you don’t feel broken maybe you are just surviving, no matter what when you come here your life will change, your community will get stronger and your faith will increase. We don’t care what you wear, or what you have done, we don’t judge!

Here at Hope Miami Lakes United Methodist Church, we are just changing lives and building community for Christ.


When you plan your visit we will:

save a seat for you in the service of your choice

help get your kids checked in

give you a tour

introduce you to the pastor and staff

give you a great gift


Hope services…

10 or 11:30 AM

Test drive a service!

Also, check out Sermon Archives for more videos!

Kidz Church

Ms. Gloria always has an amazing message and activities planned!

With access to two outdoor playgrounds, basketball court, soccer field, secure rooms with toys and a spacious indoor play area.

You will be a rockstar parent for coming to Hope Miami Lakes United Methodist Church this Sunday!

10 or 11:30 AM


Mission Possible

We’re dedicated to building community everywhere! We went down to Marathon on a Sunday morning and distributed food, work boots, tools, trash bags and other goods door-to-door. There were so many condemned mobile home communities with people unable to leave them Helping them helped us put things into perspective.