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prayer labyrinth

Welcome to our prayer labyrinth, a place to come and reflect. This hidden gem in Miami Lakes is open to all. The labyrinth is designed to awaken our senses to God in our midst: feel the breeze through the tall trees, breathe in the lovely aroma of the gardenia flowers, see the beauty of nature juxtaposed with the Divine, and hear the songs of Florida's indigenous birds. This space seems otherworldly, as is its purpose. Please enjoy our brochure.

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Welcome to the prayer labyrinth

This prayer journey begins with a canopy entrance. This prepares our hearts to come before the Lord as invited guests. Here, we are welcomed to pour out our hearts to God and to listen to his heart, too. 

The path to prayer

The path to prayer is different for everyone. If you like to walk as you pray, you can choose your path and walk it. If you prefer to pray while seated, seating is available. Being present is easy in this beautiful nook, so feel free to meditate.

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Nature and the Divine

Reminders of the Divine surprise and delight in this natural setting. This reminds us that we are not alone or without help, though we may not always see it. 


You will find touchstones of faith on your prayer labyrinth journey. This one is a favorite, "In God's Garden, Life is Full of New Beginnings."

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