one faith 

many expressions

We keep the main thing, the main thing: worshiping God in Spirit and in truth. What this means for us is that we honor both traditional sensibilities in our traditional service and contemporary worship in our contemporary service. Our Celebrate Recovery service begins with a contemporary style worship and our Hero Starts With Her service also has a contemporary flavor. 

Our traditional service begins with a Responsive Reading to prepare our hearts, we sing a hymn from our hymnal, and we recite the Apostles' Creed together. Kid's Talk is the segment where the children's ministry offers a bible lesson as the children gather on stage, after which they are dismissed to their room. Next, we hear prayer requests from the congregation and pray for each other corporately, which we end in our Lord's Prayer. Offering follows, with an offering song. The sermon is delivered next, and we meditate on God's word together. Finally, we are sent out with a benediction and a the song "Till We Meet Again". The traditional Service is on Sundays at 9:30am and is live-streamed. 

Our contemporary service starts off with a high-energy offering to the Lord in song by our band and singers. Kid's Talk follows and the children are walked over to their room. The sermon is next and goes into the offering, with an offering song. Finally, a wrap up of the message and announcements end the service. The contemporary Service is on Sundays at 11am and is live-streamed. 




“Beautiful music!” 

"You can feel the Lord's presence."

"Everyone is so nice."

"The sermon really moved me."

"I needed that!"