Hero Starts With Her

Sis, you are my hero.

Hero Starts With Her exists to empower women of all ages to the greatness they are called to. This is a sisterhood for connection, support, and encouragement. We believe in straightening each other's crowns when we need it, giving a hand up, and reminding each other how important our voices are in our spheres of influence. We have a special plan for this year's events that will center around God's word of renewal for our ladies:  "the year of re-creation." This year will be exploring Re-Creating Vision, Re-Creating Self-Care, Re-Creating Frontiers, and Re-Creating Passion. We are currently waiting on word that we are approved to move forward with our next event, given our current pandemic protocols.


A typical night includes, child care, refreshments, worship with a live band, a powerful message, and prayer time. We end the night with a ton of raffle prizes. Be on the lookout for event details as soon as they are available.


With great hope and anticipation for God's movement in our midst,



Hero Starts With Her, Founder

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