When in Romans… I am justified, Pastor Stuart Bodin

Romans, ashamed, justified

Righteousness, justification, forbearance, atonement…

umm thanks Paul for making the book of Romans so easy to read!

Luckily, Pastor Stuart Bodin is breaking these terms down and helping us to hear this very important message from God.

After watching this week’s sermon we hope that the book of Romans makes more sense to you too!

I know that after this week’s sermon I can proudly say I am justified in Christ!

If you want to hear more on the book of Romans plan your visit so that you can ask us questions in person!

Plus we will:

  • meet you at the front door
  • help your kids get checked in to Kidz Church
  • give you a tour
  • and an awesome gift


Hope to c’ya next Sunday!

Blessings, LeeAnne