Waste Not Want Not Making the Most of Our Time

waste not want not

Have you ever heard the phrase “Waste Not, Want Not”? My Nana was a champion of that phrase. She grew up in the great depression. And then as an adult raised 8 kids. She never wasted anything! Plastic bags were used as the filling for decorative pillows. At restaurants, we...

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Real People, Pastor Stuart Bodin

Family, Love, can't wait

Do you find yourself thinking: “I can’t wait till I get out of work” “I can’t wait till I move out” “I can’t wait till I retire” “I can’t wait till summer” All these phrases lead to being dissatisfied with the present moment. Lead to us feeling separated and alone....

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We Believe: Jesus Christ Has Risen

each other, bible

Do you have doubts about the resurrection of Christ? So did: the apostles, many scientists, and Pastor. When in doubt keep asking questions, and you will find truth. At least that is what we believe. Ask them in the comments, through our contact page, or facebook @HopeMLUMC or Twitter @Hope_MLUMC...

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Recovery Road: Going for Broke

broke, accountability

To give everything to Jesus, does not mean that you have to go broke. It just means that you need to follow His commands and seek His will only. He will prosper you and give you peace. Chasing money, well the Bible says it best: 10 For the love of money is...

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