Mini Missions

50 Ways to bring Hope to Everyone!

  1. Write a thank you card to a service person (army, navy, national guard, local police, fireman, nurse, etc.)
  2. Write a thank you card a missionary overseas.
  3. Tutor a struggling student (ex. volunteer at Sprouts)
  4. Cook for a sick friend.
  5. Babysit for free.
  6. Take a walk and pick up litter.
  7. Take baked goods to a neighbor.
  8. Go to a nursing home and sing for the residents.
  9. Go through your closet wash, fold, sort, and donate things you do not wear anymore.
  10. Start a walking or jogging group in your neighborhood.
  11. Create a blessing bag, keep it in your car. You will know who to give it to. (Include deodorant, soap, granola bars, band aids, sunscreen, water, etc)
  12. Give your mail person a gift. (A thank you card, cookies, or gift card)
  13. Sign up to volunteer at an event.
  14. Buy coffee for a coworker that is having a bad day. (Especially if you do not get along with them!)
  15. Create a bed time bag for a child at a shelter. (include: blanket, stuffed animal, and book)
  16. Take someone to the movies. Ask them about their faith.
  17. Invite neighbors over for dinner.
  18. Collect food for a churches food pantry.
  19. Host a ladies night or men’s night. Start and end with prayer.
  20. Host a movie night with discussion after.
  21. Organize a carpool to: church, work, or school.
  22. Volunteer to coach a sports team.
  23. Ask a coworker how you may pray for them.
  24. Create a block/street email and phone contact list for safety.
  25. Invite a friend to bible study.
  26. Invite a friend to Church.
  27. Pray for leaders and write them a letter.
  28. Bake or take cupcakes to fire department or police station.
  29. Make a no sew fleece blanket for a homeless person, or home bound friend/relative.
  30. Knit or Crochet a prayer shawl or lap blanket for a church member or friend facing health challenges.
  31. Make a sandwich and water bottle for the homeless person waiting at the busy intersection.
  32. Bless a children’s hospital with fun band aids.
  33. Donate children’s books and movies to a children’s hospital.
  34. Tape quarters to vending machines in the waiting room of a hospital.
  35. Volunteer to clean or organize the Church’s food pantry.
  36. Visit an elderly person and offer to dust or clean while you are there.
  37. Volunteer to host bingo at a nursing home.
  38. Donate blood.
  39. Volunteer to do handy man chores around the Church.
  40. Volunteer to help a neighbor do yard work.
  41. Buy flowers for a coworker or neighbor.
  42. Ask 10 Facebook friends how you can pray for them, and then pray for them.
  43. Memorize one verse from the bible and share it with a friend.
  44. Make a thank you card for the church custodians.
  45. Pick up litter at your favorite park.
  46. Make a silly video for an elderly relative.
  47. Design and laminate book marks and leave them at the library.
  48. Thank a nurse gift bag. (include framed quote and hand lotion)
  49. Take communion to a home bound member of the Church.
  50. Ask followers on twitter how you may pray for them.

Write about it:

How did the mission go? Was it easy or hard? Why? Would you recommend this mission to someone else? Were you surprised by anything? Did your faith grow?

Share it: so that others will be encouraged.

Suggestions for other mini missions?