Control Learning to Let Go and Let God, Rev Stuart Bodin

control, father

“Let go and let God,” sounds like such a simple thing to do and yet it is the hardest thing you will ever learn to do as a Christian. Why? Because we need to have a sense of control in our lives.

As soon as we learn how to do something on our own we no longer want others to help us with it. Unfortunately, we do not have much control in this life. This leads us to addiction, depression, anxiety, and fear of change. And these things that we cling to draw us away from God and the one who has control. Suddenly our lives become completely unmanageable. And we convince ourselves that there is only one solution.

Anthony Bourdain┬árecently made that choice. And from the outside you may be thinking “but he was so successful” “he was so talented” “his world wasn’t falling apart.” Well, the truth is that his world was falling apart and his success, his talent, his control could not save him. He like everyone on this planet needed a relationship with the one who is in control.

Jesus Christ wants a personal relationship with each and every person on this planet. He wants you to know that you are loved. That there is another option, to give up control and trust God.

This week Rev Stuart Bodin preaches on his own struggle with control and following Christs calling. Watch the full sermon below:

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