Beach Baptism

beach baptism

Were you baptized as a baby? Never been baptized? Or just want to spend a day serving God in support of those that will be remembering their baptism or getting baptized? July 21st at 11 AM we are gathering at Hope Miami Lakes United Methodist Church where transportation will be...

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Art and Light: FATHER

control, father

Father’s Day is complicated! Some of us have our dad others do not, some were awesome others were not, and some were always there and other’s were not. Today is still a day for rejoicing because we all share one perfect Father, God! Who loves us and shows us how to...

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Hero Starts with Her!

Hi HERoes, its summertime, and the living is… Well, it is never easy! Ladies! That is why we are having a night of empowerment to help get your mind, body, and soul ready for summer. Our guest speaker is Pastor Krystal Jordan who is on fire for God! As always,...

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Celebration of Elder Ordination

Why Celebrate? Tomorrow’s celebration marks the completion of nine years of working towards a goal given to a person by Christ. A victory over the world that tells us to “give up faith, that following Christ is outdated and that you can’t make a difference.” This triumph is not just for Pastor...

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