May I ask you a personal question? Have you ever been forced to take a detour? Did it make you angry? Feel lost. Or out of control? If you answered yes to any of these you need to watch this week’s testimony from Rachel Perry Taylor Or share with a...

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Art and Light: FATHER

control, father

Father’s Day is complicated! Some of us have our dad others do not, some were awesome others were not, and some were always there and other’s were not. Today is still a day for rejoicing because we all share one perfect Father, God! Who loves us and shows us how to...

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We Believe: In the BIBLE

each other, bible

We Believe – In The BIBLE. Are you completely shocked? Perhaps not… This might seem to be a no brain-er we are a christian church. But did you know that no original copy of the Bible has ever been found, and if we took it literally some of us would...

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