Our mission is clear:

We are a family of people who believe in building community by helping people find their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We build community in different ways: Some people have gotten connected through events like our Pumpkin Patch, Winterfest, or our mission work in the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Haiti; some have found us because of our Midweek Family Night or our children’s and youth programs. We also have our wonderful Hope Kids Preschool and Kindergarten program.  In addition, our Celebrate Recovery ministry is help transform peoples lives.

We’re people who want to come together and share life in a real way, to know about God, to figure out what we are called to do, and then go out and make a difference in our community. We are also people who are hurting, lost, tired, poor, rich, joy-filled, depressed – we are all over the map just like you.  We are people who want to extend a hand and invite you to join our family of faith.