Our mission is clear:


Our mission is:

To change lives and build community for Christ.


We live this mission in different ways:

    • We also have our wonderful Hope Kids Preschool and Kindergarten program.

We’re people who want to come together and share life in a real way, to know about God, to figure out what we are called to do, and then go out and make a difference in our community.

We are also people who are hurting, lost, tired, poor, rich, joy-filled, depressed – we are all over the map just like you.


We are people who want to extend a hand and invite you to join our family of faith.

Plan Your Visit FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

When you plan your visit. You will receive a confirmation email from one of our members. They will meet you at the front door about 10 minutes before the service and give you a tour, help your kids get checked into children’s church, and give you a great gift!

10 minutes before the start of the service you are attending is the perfect time to arrive.

The main parking lot is accessed from Miami Lakes Dr and is the best place to find parking. There is additional parking that can be access from 67th Ave.

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